By Philip | 15 March 2018


Mpumalanga | South Africa

Driving through a soulless suburb of an industrial town in the midst of a deforestation plant in Mpumalanga a huge dog was lying dead at the side of the road near a busy bus stop.

It must have been there for many days and this picture somehow triggered a painful loop of reflection in me about how our egocentric narcissistic world and species is on a downward spiral having in mind a pamphlet exhibited at the Cradle of Humankind exhibition center in Marokeng, stating that it is us humans ourselves who are the greatest threat for our own extinction.

Some words of reflection:


who are you people?

watching me lie here forever in pain

walking past me in your inferiority vain

a dog crumbled down on the side of the road

neglected, abused, skinless half rotten

abandoned from a society – where values

seem long time forgotten

if dogs go to heaven – then sure you will be there

looking down to us humans in utter despair

don’t be afraid – we are not getting there

arrogant species like us, everywhere

are known

to be overthrown

by evolutionary physics that seem to apply

no matter what species might think

“this is why”

we are better than others

we deserve what it takes

to nourish our selfishly unrealistic fate

overcome natural laws of harmony and motion

in pursuing our relentless abuse in devotion

in order to overcome all that is there to maintain –

a multidimensional harmony frame

of life in its purest and simplest idea

embodied in an interconnected atmosphere

believe me I am sorry for what I could not do

but herewith assure you and this is the clue

that your fate isn’t forgotten

forever and now

and if I just could

I would bow

for the strength that you taught me

along the way

when things were not running as smooth

as I would love to say

thank you forgotten dog