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I By:   I 2 years ago I   Camping, KIDS + TRAVEL, SOUTH AFRICA THE RAIN IS WITH US BY REGINA | 20 FEBRUARY 2018 We have left Durban for a trip just with the 4x4 to explore the Drakensberg, Sani Pass and Lesotho and spend 2 nights at the Khotso Horse Ranch! What an amazing farm – lot’s of mountains to hike with waterfalls on the way, 100 of horses around grazing on the Teletabbie hills, lovely people - but the rain followed us again and we ended up help filling water bottles for Cape Town with the spring water of the farm! At least the feeling of sending some of the water back to our dear home town friends which we are exposed to. We had to skip Sani Pass for now because of heavy rain but had a beautiful trip trough the midlands and spending some time now in the Drakensberg. READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   Camping, Experience, HOME SCHOOLING, KIDS + TRAVEL, SOUTH AFRICA LIFE WITH KIDS ON THE ROAD BY PHILIP | 14 FEBRUARY 2018 PART 1: It is an atmosphere of constant learning - both for Regina and me and Rudy and Una. Being thrown into this entire new reality can be scary at times where you see no escape and no me time on the horizon. Especially that inner voice that serves as a obedient constant reminder of your old value systems … back then. It seems ages ago. Our days with our children are filled with the fireworks of emotions that 4 strong characters in a total readjustment phase are able to express. The days of travel are exhaustively beautiful and Regina is the master of distraction. We established a sort of routine in our home schooling efforts with an ever changing model adapt to our current environment. Rather an unschooling approach. Rudy suddenly bec... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   HOME SCHOOLING, KIDS + TRAVEL, SOUTH AFRICA KAFFEE GEHT SO BY REGINA | 12 FEBRUARY 2018   Schon auf dem Weg nach Port Edward wurde uns die Beaver Creek Kaffee Rösterei empfohlen. Da mussten wir als Kaffe-Liebende natürlich hin. Was ein toller Ausflug – für alle von uns. Der Besitzer erklärt leidenschaftlich die Kaffee Herstellung vom Setzling über Busch und Beeren, Ernteprozess, Weiterverarbeitung bis hin zur gerösteten Bohne. Wahnsinns guter Kaffee, schönes Design und alle wieder was gelernt. READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   CULTURE, KIDS + TRAVEL, Skills, SOUTH AFRICA KHOLISWA'S RONDEVAL By Regina | 2 February 2018   Und schon wieder sind Kühe im Spiel. Wir haben unsere Nannie Kholiswa in ihrem richtigen zu Hause besucht. In Cathcar bei Queenestown. In jedem Urlaub fährt Sie dorthin. Zu einem relativ grossen Grundstück mit Haus und extra Klohäuschen mit Wasseranschluss. Um ihrer Famile, ihren Wurzeln zu begegnen. Und seit 2 Jahren baut Sie an einem Rondeval. Ein rundes Haus mit Wänden aus einer Mischung von Modder und Kuhdung und einem Reetdach. Es gibt nur 2 kleine Fenster. Dort ist es kühl bei Hitze und es hält die Wärme, wenn’s kalt ist. Kholiswa ist eine Sangoma und Sie kreiert sich ihren heiligen Raum, um mit Ihren Ahnen in Verbindung zu treten. Da mussten wir unbedingt helfen. Und auch ein bisschen Zeit verbringen. Die Verhältnisse umkehren. Auch für die Kids ... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   Camping, HOME SCHOOLING, KIDS + TRAVEL, SOUTH AFRICA THE FIRST MONTH BY PHILIP | 3 FEBRUARY 2018 03 February 2018 night after full moon, new cycle begins. This is it, my first blog entry ever. Proudly Wildstyler 2018. I mean I have thought about this moment for month and now we are here. Arrived in a different setting, our first month of traveling has passed and we have passed. With bravour I would say. I am entirely grateful and lacking the words to express the gratitude I feel towards Regina, Rudy and Una who took this challenge on like masters and thrive and fail and live this gypsy life in a pure form of togetherness. They are truly amazing beings that have traveled with me and through me in this first month. We are sitting next to the Umzimvubu River Mouth in Port St. Johns and even though it seems not too far from home, we have r... READ MORE
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