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I By:   I 2 years ago I   Challanges, SOUTH AFRICA TO THE UNKNOWN DOG By Philip | 15 March 2018   Mpumalanga | South Africa Driving through a soulless suburb of an industrial town in the midst of a deforestation plant in Mpumalanga a huge dog was lying dead at the side of the road near a busy bus stop. It must have been there for many days and this picture somehow triggered a painful loop of reflection in me about how our egocentric narcissistic world and species is on a downward spiral having in mind a pamphlet exhibited at the Cradle of Humankind exhibition center in Marokeng, stating that it is us humans ourselves who are the greatest threat for our own extinction. Some words of reflection:   who are you people? watching me lie here forever in pain walking past me in your inferiority vain a dog crumbled... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   KIDS + TRAVEL, LESOTHO, Month by month, New friends, SOUTH AFRICA THE SECOND MONTH By Philip | 5 March 2018 In the last past month we have settled in differently. It feels like long ago that we started our journey trough southern Africa and it has been a good time overall. We based our camp at Jacob’s place – a good friend of a good friend – and came to explore deeper Kwa Zulu Natal. Travelled through the southern Drakensberg (Khotso Lodge) via the Middleberg area (Inkosana Lodge) and the northern part (Glen Reenen Rest Camp San Park | Clarens | Golden Gate Park) always trying to take those back roads an dirt tracks that made us feel like locals on a mission. Traversing through Lesotho left us in awe for this forgotten country with it’s beautiful people and authentic mountain Kingdom landscape. Traveling ... READ MORE
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