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I By:   I 2 years ago I   BOTSWANA, Challanges, Month by month, SOUTH AFRICA THE THIRD MONTH By Philip | 4 April 2018   8500 km | 7 Provinces in South Africa Well it’s been 3 month now. The time when you are suppose to have merged into the spirit of traveling. Getting rid of the uncertainty and baggage that keeps you behind, the questioning and doubting. We are pitching camp on our 26th campsite since we have left our beautiful home and much missed dog and circle of friends in order to manifest our dream of exploring our country and ourselves. It is supposed to get easier, lighter in a way at least, this is what you read and learn from those several resources and travel blogs of fellow families on the road. Fact is that things don’t necessarily became easier along the way as we are facing increasing episodes of homesickness and to a degree despair in the ligh... READ MORE
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