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I By:   I 2 years ago I   Camping, CULTURE, Family, Month by month, TANZANIA 8 MONTH ON THE ROAD By PHILIP | 20 September 2018 “You have traveled half way around the world”, 20.000km says Thomas the “true” Massai watching over us every step we take at Migombani Camp in the Mto Wa Mbo village at the access road towards the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti Conservation Area in northern Tanzania. We are overlooking the Lake Manyara and the breathtaking views put things into a wider perspective for us as life seems to change constantly. It was only 3 weeks ago when a tractor pulled us up the steep slope to the magnificent camp where our Land Cruiser was tested to the bones and was unable to pull our caravan and all our belongings uphill. It will be the furthest north that we will reach on our now – for us – truly epic journey through southern Africa. A... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   HOME SCHOOLING, KIDS + TRAVEL, MALAWI, Month by month, MOZAMBIQUE, New friends, TANZANIA 6 MONTH ON THE ROAD By PHILIP | 16 July 2018 It is Malawi, the so called warm heart of Africa, that transformed our perception of the African continent and helped us to gain a different perspective as to how things actually matter in our lives that we were living back home. After spending several weeks in Zimbabwe (see our last blog entry) we embarked further north east through the TETE corridor in Mozambique into Malawi – Chembe village , Cape McClear, on the southern tip of the so called lake of stars. David Livingstone, the big explorer, who’s heritage lives on in many entities in this part of the world has called it the lake of stars referring to the many fisher boats that light their lanterns at night while out on the lake fishing. It has been almost 3 month since we left St... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   Food, It's Cooking, Skills, ZIMBABWE IT'S COOKING ON THE ROAD By Philip | 10 June 2018 As we reported earlier, Una suddenly turned away from any cow / milk products after 4 weeks into our trip, which made us rethink our entire structure of how to cook as this is one of the main things that you do when you are away from the conveniences of everyday urban life like we lived it. The fact that we couldn’t braai in the traditional way any longer was all but planned and we took the challenge on and got very creative around all forms of salads with tinned beans and tuna, fresh cabbage and carrots etc. We must realize that much of the African diet is based around chicken / meat (and interesting parts thereof) and pretty much always the same variety of – yes – healthy but somehow monotone vegetables like, butternut, maize porridge, pap, kale, potato, tomato, ... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   BOTSWANA, CULTURE, KIDS + TRAVEL, Month by month, ZIMBABWE THE FORTH MONTH By Philip | 10 May 2018 After a rather negative and skeptical blog entry last month I must confess that things have changed and I am happy to announce that things are back on track with regards to the spirit of exploring southern Africa. We have crossed borders twice and are currently (8th of may 2018) in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe after a rather eventful and fulfilling 3,5 weeks spend in Kufunda (learning) village near Harare. Traversing through southern parts of Botswana has healed our wounded souls dramatically and infused a new spirit of humility and humbleness for us to continue. We visited the Goo Moremi Sacred Gorge Reserve near Palapaye, Khama Rhino Sanctuary and were leaving Botswana in the west near Francistown at Pontdrift Border post. The Goo Moremi Gorge is a sac... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   CULTURE, Movie, New friends, ZIMBABWE PASSION ZIMBABWE By Philip | 9 MAY 2018   We have spend 4 weeks in Kufunda, a rural village near Harare. I was stunned by the village youth that literally cut the thickest grassland by hand with some lashes to create their own soccer pitch. Being equipped with a new drone I got inspired by this passion witnessed and made a short contribution for them, also following my passion. 5 minutes before the official opening game started I lost the drone in a nearby corn field and the entire village went out to search for it. They found it and we could finish the "movie", what a beautiful scene this was.So proud to have been part of this annual "ritual" for soccer and a nice contribution for the run up to the World Cup 2018. Please enj... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   BOTSWANA, Challanges, Month by month, SOUTH AFRICA THE THIRD MONTH By Philip | 4 April 2018   8500 km | 7 Provinces in South Africa Well it’s been 3 month now. The time when you are suppose to have merged into the spirit of traveling. Getting rid of the uncertainty and baggage that keeps you behind, the questioning and doubting. We are pitching camp on our 26th campsite since we have left our beautiful home and much missed dog and circle of friends in order to manifest our dream of exploring our country and ourselves. It is supposed to get easier, lighter in a way at least, this is what you read and learn from those several resources and travel blogs of fellow families on the road. Fact is that things don’t necessarily became easier along the way as we are facing increasing episodes of homesickness and to a degree despair in the ligh... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   Challanges, SOUTH AFRICA TO THE UNKNOWN DOG By Philip | 15 March 2018   Mpumalanga | South Africa Driving through a soulless suburb of an industrial town in the midst of a deforestation plant in Mpumalanga a huge dog was lying dead at the side of the road near a busy bus stop. It must have been there for many days and this picture somehow triggered a painful loop of reflection in me about how our egocentric narcissistic world and species is on a downward spiral having in mind a pamphlet exhibited at the Cradle of Humankind exhibition center in Marokeng, stating that it is us humans ourselves who are the greatest threat for our own extinction. Some words of reflection:   who are you people? watching me lie here forever in pain walking past me in your inferiority vain a dog crumbled... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   KIDS + TRAVEL, LESOTHO, Month by month, New friends, SOUTH AFRICA THE SECOND MONTH By Philip | 5 March 2018 In the last past month we have settled in differently. It feels like long ago that we started our journey trough southern Africa and it has been a good time overall. We based our camp at Jacob’s place – a good friend of a good friend – and came to explore deeper Kwa Zulu Natal. Travelled through the southern Drakensberg (Khotso Lodge) via the Middleberg area (Inkosana Lodge) and the northern part (Glen Reenen Rest Camp San Park | Clarens | Golden Gate Park) always trying to take those back roads an dirt tracks that made us feel like locals on a mission. Traversing through Lesotho left us in awe for this forgotten country with it’s beautiful people and authentic mountain Kingdom landscape. Traveling ... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   Camping, Experience, HOME SCHOOLING, KIDS + TRAVEL, SOUTH AFRICA LIFE WITH KIDS ON THE ROAD BY PHILIP | 14 FEBRUARY 2018 PART 1: It is an atmosphere of constant learning - both for Regina and me and Rudy and Una. Being thrown into this entire new reality can be scary at times where you see no escape and no me time on the horizon. Especially that inner voice that serves as a obedient constant reminder of your old value systems … back then. It seems ages ago. Our days with our children are filled with the fireworks of emotions that 4 strong characters in a total readjustment phase are able to express. The days of travel are exhaustively beautiful and Regina is the master of distraction. We established a sort of routine in our home schooling efforts with an ever changing model adapt to our current environment. Rather an unschooling approach. Rudy suddenly bec... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   Camping, HOME SCHOOLING, KIDS + TRAVEL, SOUTH AFRICA THE FIRST MONTH BY PHILIP | 3 FEBRUARY 2018 03 February 2018 night after full moon, new cycle begins. This is it, my first blog entry ever. Proudly Wildstyler 2018. I mean I have thought about this moment for month and now we are here. Arrived in a different setting, our first month of traveling has passed and we have passed. With bravour I would say. I am entirely grateful and lacking the words to express the gratitude I feel towards Regina, Rudy and Una who took this challenge on like masters and thrive and fail and live this gypsy life in a pure form of togetherness. They are truly amazing beings that have traveled with me and through me in this first month. We are sitting next to the Umzimvubu River Mouth in Port St. Johns and even though it seems not too far from home, we have r... READ MORE
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