THE FIRST MONTH BY PHILIP | 3 FEBRUARY 2018 03 February 2018 night after full moon,…



UNA VEGETARISCH BY REGINA | 28 JANUARY 2018 "Mama, ist das gewachsen oder von einer Kuh?" In Natures Valley haben…


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I By:   I 1 year ago I   BOTSWANA, Challanges, Feel, MALAWI IM MOMENT By Regina | 12 Octorber 2018 Und wieder sitzen wir im Auto und fahren. Auf dem Weg zu Grenze Nummer 9. Auch hier in Botswana gibt es nicht viel Verkehr. Aber nichts gegen Malawi. Da haben wir wirklich so gut wie keine Auto's gesehen. Mal ein anderer Overlander oder ein verrockter Truck. Ansonsten nur Fahrräder. Für alles. Das Fahrrad-Taxi: Mit liebevoll gepolsterten und Fransen oder Bömmeln versehenen Gepackträgern. Der Fahrrad-Tiertransport: Geflochtene Körbe voll mit gackernden Hühnern oder vermutlich meditierenden Ziegen in Liegeposition vorne und hinten angebunden. Der Fahrrad-Truck: Bis zu 37 große Wasserkanister aneinander geschnallt und draufgeschichtet oder Holz in besorgniserregenden Höhen gestapelt. Gute Balance und anständige Beinmuskulatur v... READ MORE


I By:   I 1 year ago I   BOTSWANA, CULTURE, KIDS + TRAVEL, Month by month, ZIMBABWE THE FORTH MONTH By Philip | 10 May 2018 After a rather negative and skeptical blog entry last month I must confess that things have changed and I am happy to announce that things are back on track with regards to the spirit of exploring southern Africa. We have crossed borders twice and are currently (8th of may 2018) in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe after a rather eventful and fulfilling 3,5 weeks spend in Kufunda (learning) village near Harare. Traversing through southern parts of Botswana has healed our wounded souls dramatically and infused a new spirit of humility and humbleness for us to continue. We visited the Goo Moremi Sacred Gorge Reserve near Palapaye, Khama Rhino Sanctuary and were leaving Botswana in the west near Francistown at Pontdrift Border post. The Goo Moremi Gorge is a sac... READ MORE


I By:   I 2 years ago I   BOTSWANA, Challanges, Month by month, SOUTH AFRICA THE THIRD MONTH By Philip | 4 April 2018   8500 km | 7 Provinces in South Africa Well it’s been 3 month now. The time when you are suppose to have merged into the spirit of traveling. Getting rid of the uncertainty and baggage that keeps you behind, the questioning and doubting. We are pitching camp on our 26th campsite since we have left our beautiful home and much missed dog and circle of friends in order to manifest our dream of exploring our country and ourselves. It is supposed to get easier, lighter in a way at least, this is what you read and learn from those several resources and travel blogs of fellow families on the road. Fact is that things don’t necessarily became easier along the way as we are facing increasing episodes of homesickness and to a degree despair in the ligh... READ MORE
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