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I By:   I 1 year ago I   Food, It's Cooking, Skills, ZIMBABWE IT'S COOKING ON THE ROAD By Philip | 10 June 2018 As we reported earlier, Una suddenly turned away from any cow / milk products after 4 weeks into our trip, which made us rethink our entire structure of how to cook as this is one of the main things that you do when you are away from the conveniences of everyday urban life like we lived it. The fact that we couldn’t braai in the traditional way any longer was all but planned and we took the challenge on and got very creative around all forms of salads with tinned beans and tuna, fresh cabbage and carrots etc. We must realize that much of the African diet is based around chicken / meat (and interesting parts thereof) and pretty much always the same variety of – yes – healthy but somehow monotone vegetables like, butternut, maize porridge, pap, kale, potato, tomato, ... READ MORE


I By:   I 1 year ago I   BOTSWANA, CULTURE, KIDS + TRAVEL, Month by month, ZIMBABWE THE FORTH MONTH By Philip | 10 May 2018 After a rather negative and skeptical blog entry last month I must confess that things have changed and I am happy to announce that things are back on track with regards to the spirit of exploring southern Africa. We have crossed borders twice and are currently (8th of may 2018) in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe after a rather eventful and fulfilling 3,5 weeks spend in Kufunda (learning) village near Harare. Traversing through southern parts of Botswana has healed our wounded souls dramatically and infused a new spirit of humility and humbleness for us to continue. We visited the Goo Moremi Sacred Gorge Reserve near Palapaye, Khama Rhino Sanctuary and were leaving Botswana in the west near Francistown at Pontdrift Border post. The Goo Moremi Gorge is a sac... READ MORE


I By:   I 1 year ago I   CULTURE, Movie, New friends, ZIMBABWE PASSION ZIMBABWE By Philip | 9 MAY 2018   We have spend 4 weeks in Kufunda, a rural village near Harare. I was stunned by the village youth that literally cut the thickest grassland by hand with some lashes to create their own soccer pitch. Being equipped with a new drone I got inspired by this passion witnessed and made a short contribution for them, also following my passion. 5 minutes before the official opening game started I lost the drone in a nearby corn field and the entire village went out to search for it. They found it and we could finish the "movie", what a beautiful scene this was.So proud to have been part of this annual "ritual" for soccer and a nice contribution for the run up to the World Cup 2018. Please enj... READ MORE
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