We started our journey in South Africa – home from all of us.

We promised Una (4 years) our adopted daughter and our son Rudy (7 years) to get to know the land we live in and further get to know and understand Africa, at least in parts, the continent we chose to live in 11 years ago when we emigrated from Germany.

And here we go, committed to get our 36 year old FORTY caravan to Dar e Salam and show our kids that a dream can actually manifest itself through dedication and commitment and we are using our internet platform to present ourselves to the world, to you, our friends whether we know you for many years or are going to meet you soon to become part of our USSTORY.

We chose consciously to share our experiences via this platform and hope that we can inspire anyone who is ready to take on that challenge and manifest and make true the potential that lies within us.

Utilizing the inner force that is able to create the most important of all, a happy life in harmony with your environment, respecting each other and nurturing and nourishing the true self.