It is an atmosphere of constant learning – both for Regina and me and Rudy and Una. Being thrown into this entire new reality can be scary at times where you see no escape and no me time on the horizon. Especially that inner voice that serves as a obedient constant reminder of your old value systems … back then. It seems ages ago.

Our days with our children are filled with the fireworks of emotions that 4 strong characters in a total readjustment phase are able to express.

The days of travel are exhaustively beautiful and Regina is the master of distraction. We established a sort of routine in our home schooling efforts with an ever changing model adapt to our current environment. Rather an unschooling approach.

Rudy suddenly became a little fisherman and enjoys sitting by the river in Natures Valley all by himself. Such a blessed feeling for a father. Una suddenly became all by herself a serious vegetarian after recognizing that most meat and dairy products are from cows. It is a real challenge to all of us and doesn’t really fit into the camping, overlanding habits in Africa. The sudden mind shift through realization is very impressive to us. There’s no milk and cheese or yogurt either by the way and no! Biltong is also not grown.





Both kids name several animals and we are doing regular sports in nature and several fun activities. It is hard to see at times when and how they miss their friends but we tend to refer to the fact that we do miss everything and nothing. Both of them help in our daily activities and they are evolving fast. These times deliver excellent opportunities for extramural tutorials, like cutting an onion or gauging tyre pressure. We are collecting / cutting wood and making fire, kneading bread dough and lick our fingers, follow and capture animal and little reptiles, catch and release fish, refilling water tanks and learn how to keep this Pottje fire going. And we interact with such different people phenomenal characters at times and through all of this learn about the importance of togetherness. Africa delivers such a great platform for this,

We both agree there wasn’t another January in our lives that was filled with more joy love respect and laughter that this one of 2018.