By Philip | 9 MAY 2018


We have spend 4 weeks in Kufunda, a rural village near Harare. 
I was stunned by the village youth that literally cut the thickest grassland by hand with some lashes to create their own soccer pitch. Being equipped with a new drone I got inspired by this passion witnessed and made a short contribution for them, also following my passion. 5 minutes before the official opening game started I lost the drone in a nearby corn field and the entire village went out to search for it. They found it and we could finish the “movie”, what a beautiful scene this was.
So proud to have been part of this annual “ritual” for soccer and a nice contribution for the run up to the World Cup 2018. Please enjoy and be inspired, it doesn’t matter what it is but the purpose in life is to find your purpose and put your whole soul and energy into it. Thanks for your time!