Wildstyle2018 started at a wonderful braai dinner in November 2016 at our home in Cape Town with dear friends and both of us suddenly had this sense of excitement and the decision didn’t take long to be made.

2 Points were very clear from the beginning: that the trip will be devoted to more family and our children, secondly FORTY, our 1984 Gypsey caravan had to be our home as it symbolizes our network and backbone of social contacts in our lives.

Why is that? Because over 100 friends and family have contributed  in so many ways to help transform this old looking caravan lady into this overlanding styleship that reminds us every night by the fire of the plentitude of friends and connections that make our lives much richer. It was Philip’s 40th birthday present from all of them therefore obligational as mobile home of choice for our trip.

And everything fell into place as it was supposed to be.

Once you make a clear decision and you begin telling your friends and family the point of no return approaches fast.

Over a year went into more or less specific planning, as both of us had not a lot experience in overlanding, 4×4 travel, camping, caravanning, homeschooling, the list goes on.

We had to find tenants for our beautiful home in Cape Town and a solution for our beloved and dearest family member Kalle, a 10 year old lovely Golden Retriever.