By REGINA | 16 August 2018

We really don’t want to explain to our kids why every day with the tides tons of plastic bottles + bags, shoes, clothes – just all kind of plastic – is flushed onto the beaches while walking past once pristine mangrove forests now looking like Christmas trees covered in fibers of frayed disintegrated polypropylene. Because it‘s embarrassing for us humans.

But obviously we do. We do explain that all the plastic waste is mainly coming from Zanzibar and other areas because they don’t have a proper waste management running. But they receive goods packed in plastic all the time like everywhere in the world. In all southern African countries we have traveled so far the people just burn the plastic.

„But why is it allowed to send any packaging around if a country can’t deal with it?“ Rudy asked! Good question…
For us it is painful to see and experience in real all this rubbish on the beach every day again. We see it and feel it. Same with poverty, hunger, illness… Like everything inconvenient in the West we just organize it away out of our sight so it’s not our responsibility anymore. Why must Rwanda of all countries be the first who totally banned plastic, where they take out all plastic of your bag already at the airport. We feel ashamed to lack the answers to our kids and being guilty everyday again. We all have created that.