The plain and simple reason for this Wildstyle2018 Trip is our deep need for togetherness and time and that we feel the element of family and nature doesn’t get enough attention and nurturing in our current lives.

We want to know our children more, find out through experience what their needs are. So much in our everyday lives evolves around achievement, perceived attachments and purposeless functioning in an undesirable world of conflict.

We wanted to give our children and ourselves the chance to sharpen our senses again and regain the trust in ourselves. Giving our fate and angels the chance to interact and let situations and intuitions dictate the pace of our personal development.

And we want to get to know the country and the continent that we chose to live in and start exploring and experimenting with another life concept.

The story of our life always will be the story of our choices.
Assess your opportunities and weigh up your options.